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Add A Scoop - Calcium Blend

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Add A Scoop Calcium Blend
by Smoothie Essentials

GMO Free – Gluten Free

Adequate calcium and vitamin D, throughout life, as part of a healthy diet, along with physical activity may help prevent bone loss/osteoporosis in peri- and post-menopausal women and in later life.

Kosher – Halal – Vegan

Nutritional Information

  • 10 Calories

  • 0 Total Fat

  • 0 Cholesterol

  • 3 gms Carbohydrates

  • 0 Fiber

  • 0 gms Protein

  • 0 Sugars


  • 520 mg Calcium Citrate – Non GMO

  • 210 IU Vitamin D – Non GMO

  • Maltodextrin – Non GMO

What is Calcium Citrate?

Although everyone needs calcium, not everyone knows that calcium can come from several sources. The ingredient in Smoothie Essentials Calcium Blend is calcium citrate because it is more easily digested and absorbed than calcium carbonate. Also, calcium citrate is less likely to cause constipation and gas than calcium carbonate. It also has a lower risk of contributing to the formation of kidney stones.

Featured Ingredient

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium. Most of the Vitamin D we get in our diet is produced within the body by exposure to sunlight. However, many people stay out of the sun as much as possible. As a general rule, more D is better in a diet and a scoop of the Smoothie Essentials Calcium Blend provides 50% of the Daily Recommended Value for Vitamin D.

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