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Stirling Gourmet Flavoring

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Please select 12 bottles for each case ordered:
Almond (California Almond) l Amaretto (Italian Amaretto) l Apple (The Big Apple) l Asian Rose l B52 l Banana (Going Bananas) l Blackberry (Oregon Mountain Blackberry) l Blueberry (Rhythm & Blueberry) l Butterscotch (Highland Butterscotch) l Caramel (Creme Caramel) l Cherry (Maraschino Cherry) l Black Cherry (New England Black Cherry) l White Chocolate l Chocolate Almond (Swiss Chocolate Almond) l Chocolate Mint (Vienna Chocolate Mint) l Chocolate Thunder (Chocolate Thunder) l German Chocolate (German Chocolate) lCinnamon (Ceylon Cinnamon) l Coconut (Hawaiian Coconut) l Coffee Royale (Coffee Royale) l Creme Brulee (Classic Creme Brulee) l Creme De Cacao (Creme De Cacao) l Gingerbread (Gingerbread, Man) l Hazelnut (Rocky Mountain Hazelnut) l Irish Cream (Irish Cream) l Kiwi (New Zealand Kiwi) l Lemon Meringue (Lemon Meringue) l Lime (Persian Lime) l Macadamia Nut (Kona Macadamia Nut) l Mango Marshmallow (Toasted Marshmallow) l Napoleon Brandy (Napoleon Brandy) l Orange (Curacao Orange) l Peach (Georgia Peach) l Peanut Butter l Peppermint (Peppermint Schnapps) l Pumpkin (Great Pumpkin Spice) l Raspberry (English Red Raspberry) l Rootbeer (Old Fashioned Sarsaparilla) l Rum (Jamaican Rum) l Snickerdoodle (Granny's Snickerdoodle) l Strawberry (American Strawberry) l Toffee (Royal English Toffee) l Vanilla (French Vanilla) l Vanilla (Classic Vanilla) l White Lightning

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